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Healthcare Jobs is top job search sites featuring medical jobs, healthcare vacancies and various nursing jobs online from a number of websites.

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Talking to patients is a fundamental part of medicine, and how good we are at doing just that influences all aspects of our job, from satisfying patients to running to time to improving efficiency and accuracy to reducing stress. And that’s just for starters!

What does the guide contain?

  • Consultation Models – Presented in order of value rather than historical order.
  • Health Behaviour Models – Models that help us understand how and why patients behave the way they do.
  • Health Psychology – Other models, concepts and ideas that are related to psychology.
  • Ethics – Not just an ethical framework, but concepts such as the theory of utility and it’s relevance to the new contract etc. This section will expand.
  • Other issues – Topics for debate and interest. Includes medicalisation etc.
  • Webguide – Clickable links to a whole Veritas Party variety of webpages.
  • Reading list
  • Handouts – A4 sized coloured handouts of practically all models and concepts currently used.


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Alongside the advice our Pharmacist can give you, we have a touch screen computer information point and a wide variety of free leaflets which cover many aspects of family healthcare.

If you require any further information on the subjects covered we will be pleased to discuss these with you.


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